About Sage Marketing Group

Real Estate & Leisure Property Marketing

Ronald J. Roberts, Sage Marketing Group, Inc., South Burlington, Vermont


Ron is President and CEO of Sage Marketing Group, Inc., a real estate and leisure property marketing and consulting firm with offices in South Burlington, Vermont.

Mr. Roberts has nearly thirty five years in the fractional, timeshare, condominium, second home, and leisure real estate industry, working more than ten years for the Global Group of Companies, beginning as a salesperson and winning many awards including ARDA “Salesperson of the Year”. Having been promoted to Vice President of Sales company-wide, and later to Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Senior Group Director, Mr. Roberts was instrumental in propelling the company to record sales levels in a number of U.S. states and in Europe, where he started GME, U.K. PLC, the largest “Offsite” timeshare company in the world at that time, generating more than 41,000 direct generated guests per year, producing more than 4,600 real estate sales per year, and exceeding revenue of more than $56 million per year with Group volume exceeding $310,000,000 per year.

As Executive Vice President and Senior Group Director for more than ten Global Group Companies, Mr. Roberts was involved in all facets of the Group operations on three continents, seven countries, and a dozen properties. These include company acquisitions of more than $500 million worth of properties, key personnel recruiting, the design and setup of company structure, strategy for the subsequent sale of the acquired properties, group budgets for all sales & marketing companies, training throughout the sales & marketing companies, acquisition of financing for construction and end-loan, the on-going banking relationship and strategies for Group profits.

As President of Sage Marketing Group, Inc., Mr. Roberts is well known for providing sound sales & marketing profit strategies for large & small timeshare, fractional, condominiums, land, second home, mixed use projects and all leisure real estate sales in difficult markets and areas. The company provides guest and lead generation on behalf of a number of national clients, turnaround and startup strategies for exceptional sales and marketing results, and a “21st Century” approach to the sales and marketing process. Mr. Roberts has been called as an “Expert Witness” in a number of trial proceedings, and is regarded as an expert at planning for profit and the strategies for a successful project. Mr. Roberts & Sage Marketing Group, Inc. have, overall, been responsible for the successful sellout of a number of projects, and the profitable operation of a number of ongoing projects, in North America, Central America, Europe, and Africa. Mr. Roberts has operated in 35 states, 24 countries, and is responsible for sales or consulted to more than 200 projects on four continents.

Mr. Roberts is an Active Member of ARDA, and Executive Member of The American Marketing Association, a Fellow of The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management, Appointed by Governor Snelling of Vermont to The Commission On Manufactured Housing, and has been a speaker for a number of organizations such as; The European Timeshare Counsel, RCI, Interval International, The Vacation Ownership Investment Conference, and C.I.T.A. Mr. Roberts has a BA from the University of Vermont in Economics. Prior to his career in the industry, Mr. Roberts served in the United States Navy as an Air Traffic Controller for civilian and military flight operations, is a private pilot, and is a Vietnam Era Veteran.